“There are several things that differentiate a great engineering leader from the run of the mill, and George embodies greatness along every characteristic. Working with him, both as a customer when I was running Hammer/Empirix and in the same company at NMS and Dialogic has been a rare pleasure. I always learn from him. To begin with is deep technical understanding for products and markets. George has the unusual ability to work with lead customers to understand what they really want, then translate that to innovative products that sell. Then there is passion. George is among the most enthusiastic and motivated individuals I’ve ever worked. Good enough is never good enough – he is always working to deepen his understanding and skills in both technology and business issues – which is not easy in rapidly changing markets. Lastly is the ability to efficiently deliver on engineering commitments. George lives the engineering process, can motivate and excite his teams (which builds tremendous loyalty – both ways), and always delivers. When required, he does not hesitate to make the tough decisions. He is an engineering executive of the first order.” Steven Gladstone CEO/General Manager

“In the short time we know you we’ve gained a lot of respect to your professionalism, wisdom and to your special personality.” Eyal Hilzenrat, Senior VP and GM, Bandwidth Optimization BU, Israel

“I worked with George at Dialogic after the NMS acquisition – the best VP of Engineering I’ve had the pleasure to work with. George always had a complete grasp of both the development and business aspects of every discussion. Working with George, you always learn a lot.” Mike Chapman Director, Product Management

“I have the highest respect for the exceedingly high work ethic and energy you dedicated to the business.  You have been an unflinching advocate of doing what is “right” for our people and the business and unwilling to take the easy way.” Jeff Van Dyke, Senior Product Architect, Akamai

“George is the hardest working and most dedicated manager that I have ever worked with. His technical knowledge and skill is well known in the industry. He has been both a mentor and friend to me and many of my coworkers over the past 15 years. Through many ups and downs in the Telecomm industry, George’s loyalty and dedication, both to the organization and to the employees under him, was the one thing we could always count on.” Jeff DeMent Principal software architect

“George is an amazing guy whose clarity of thought and vision can be found seldom. He also has a powerhouse within him to see that any work that can be done, is done. Combining both these qualities he is a great asset to any organization and can lead from the front.” Aveek Roy, Regional Sales Director, New Delhi, India

“George brings limitless energy, passion, and knowledge to the telecom arena; his technical knowledge and business awareness is a rare and valuable combination.” Danny Jones, Director of Engineering, Service Provider Products, Dialogic

“I also want to let you know how much I value the time I spent working with you at NMS, and the many lessons I learned from you, and that we sometimes  learned together. There were many ups and downs in our time at NMS, and a  lot of good memories.  I remember at least once a week the lessons I  learned from you about values, working together, building effective distributed teams, and continually trying to improve your team, the products and  processes.  Thanks for being a great leader and for teaching us to always challenge ourselves and each other. That is something I carry with me  every day!” Pam Hurley, VP of Global Operations

“Between Dialogic, Inc. and NMS Communications, I had the pleasure of working with George Kontopidis for (10) years. George is the rare combination of technical visionary and savvy business executive. He consistently demonstrates unbounded curiosity, creativity and passion for the business. However, what separates George from many of the CTOs and VPs engineering that I have encountered in my (27) year career is his ability to make technical decisions beyond the art of engineering. First and foremost he is always focused on solving a real-world problem and makes certain that it can be done within the framework of a solid business case. From a sales perspective, George is eager to make time to assist the field and never shies away from working directly with customers. His natural teaching ability allows him to de-mystifying and relate complex technologies in ways that less technical colleagues and customers alike can understand. I could not provide a stronger recommendation for George and hope that the opportunity presents itself in the future to work together again.” Chris Hodde, Account Manager

“George has been able to set the direction for large engineering efforts across a wide spectrum of telecommunications solutions. He has taken on tasks such as integrating engineerning teams from various locations around the world while keeping current with changing directions within the industry. He has always been able to identify areas where his teams should focus in order to be profitable even when most other areas within the company could not achieve this goal. George brings a rare level of practicality to engineering decisions and has always been a strong ally to those under his command.” Jeff Rego Principal Engineer

“I just want to thank you for providing me with all the opportunities to work with you and the Engineering Leadership team.  These events will always stand out as my most memorable, rewarding and enjoyable experiences… Thanks for showing trust and faith in me.  You truly helped me grow professionally and gain confidence in my skills and abilities. Your contagious energy, enthusiasm and passion are irreplaceable and your presence will be noticeably missed…” Karen Balinski, Human Resources Partner and Organizational Development Program Manager

“I have worked with George for over 10 years at both NMS and Dialogic. Through ourcontinuous updates on Tl roadmaps highlighting the latest and greatest technologies available George provided constructive feedback allowing us to modify solutions. George created an open and collaborative culture not only with his staff but also with his key suppliers which drove a mutually beneficial partnership.” Diane McLaughlin, Account Manager at Texas Instruments