Dialogic (& Veraz Networks)

Dialogic is a global communications company, with approximately $200 million of annual revenues and staff of 800+ people; provides platforms and technology which enables developers and service providers to build innovating applications.

The original company (Eicon) expanded by acquiring the Communications Platforms business from Intel, Cantata — consisting of the merger of three companies (Excel Switching, Brooktrout and Snowshore), NMS Communications and Veraz Networks.

The company had inherented multiple R&D locations such as Parsippany-NJ, Hyannis-MA, Salem-NH, Schaumburg-IL, Buffalo-NY, San Jose-CA, Montreal-Canada, Fordingbridge-UK, Petah Tikva-Israel, Renningen-Germany, and Noida-India.

George undertook the role of the SVP of Product Development following the acquisition of NMS by Dialogic; he worked directly with the CEO/COO and the GM of the Service Provider business to,

  • define the strategy of new product development
  • rationalize overlapping product lines
  • assimilate and cross -pollinate the various engineering teams
  • improve efficiency of engineering operations

Based on his technical leadership, Dialogic released several new products, such as the Multimedia Integrated Gateway (BorderNetTM), video enabled IP Media Servers (IPMS), 3G Mobile Video Enhanced Services Platform (VisionTM) and Mobile/Internet Video Transcoder adapters. These new products have positioned Dialogic as the market leader in the mobile video space of Value Added Services.

Re-designed platforms with Web 2.0 interfaces (RESTful), which expanded Dialogic’s market reach beyond telecom developers with new growth opportunities.

At the same time, he optimized capital and operational expenses by 15%, reduced replicated engineering work and improved the development velocity significantly.